Meet Courage

Mixed Bulgaria Male 2 KG 3 months

We received an emergency call about a group of puppies thrown away in a dumpster. As soon as we confirmed the cases we rushed to the site and unfortunately the situation was not easy. We named him Courage, because through all the situations he was, including when finding him in critical condition, he never showed any fear.

We are sad to share with you that, unfortunately, Courage did not make it. He spent time in an isolated chamber with the vets monitoring him 24/7. However, his heart stopped during one night … At first the medicine was working 50/50 and he got stable, but then the damage to his organs was severe and he was not able to recover. He was fighting to the last minute. The doctors and us did everything we could as well. Parovirosis is extremely lethal to puppies and younger dogs and needs to be addressed as soon as any symptoms show up. Even if the dog is vaccinated, that doesn’t matter. To all of you who have or are considering having dogs, please be aware of this fact. Signs that they might have Pvirosis are – lack of appetite for food and water, diahrea, vomiting and blood in the excrements.

Courage will forever be in all our hearts.

May he Rest in Peace 🙏🏻

All donations toward Courage will go to our other animal rescues and dog shelter.

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