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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Paw Squadron?

Paw Squadron is an animal rescue organization who wants to make a global difference for stray animals. We put all our resources into helping animals in need, providing food, medicine & shelter and finding them a loving home and family. Our holistic approach towards animal rescue covers all sides, starting from the rescue, going through all medical checks at the best vet clinics, providing high quality nutrition, domestication training and finally adoption.

Where are you based?

Most of our rescues are done in the Bulgaria, Europe and our first focus is the Eastern Europe region where the stray animal problem is prevalent. Our wider team is international, based in Bulgria, the USA and Germany.

How can I contribute?

Your support is integral towards fullfilling our mission to rescue animals. By sharing our videos and following us on social media you are already contributing a lot to our cause, as we are able to find families for our rescued animals faster.

We also have donation pages, which help us with our costs of rescue, transporations, medicine, food and shelter.

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