How to properly bathe a dog

How to properly bathe a dog

Bathing a dog is a task that discourages many owners and they do it extremely rarely. Giving your dog regular baths is an essential part of ongoing grooming and good hygiene. While bathing is important for all dogs, not all require bathing at the same frequency — with factors like their breed, fur, and environment.
This is why we want to give you a few useful tips on how to bathe your dog the right way 🙂

1. Where to bathe your dog
First, you’re going to need to determine the right place to bathe your dog. Consider the size and breed of your dog. For particularly small dogs, a sink might work best. Bathing your dog outside instead of indoors might be a solid choice for certain breeds in some seasons.
2. PreparĐ°tions to bathe your dog
Dogs that love the bathroom are a rare occurrence. Before you even turn on the water, take the time to set up an environment where your dog will be as comfortable as possible. Firstly make sure you groom your dog thoroughly in order to remove any exess fur or dirt. Bring enough towels, including an extra one for your pet to stand on when he’s still wet after the bath. Don’t forget to prepare the shampoo too!
3. Ideal water conditions
Water should be warm enough for your dog to be comfortable, and also to get the job done. Colder water doesn’t clean as well and if you wouldn’t love a cold bath, consider that your pet probably wouldn’t either.
4. Drying your dog after the bath
When you’re done bathing your dog, it’s time to dry it. Although many people overlook it, it is of immense importance. If you let your dog sit wet for too long, it is possible for it to catch a cold or develop an infection.
And lastly, prepare yourself to get soaking wet together with your dog and remember to have fun so your dog won’t hide the next time.