How to take care of your new dog

How to take care of your new dog

Dogs are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and faithful creatures on Earth. Taking care of them, however, is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly.

So here are a few useful tips that we want to share with you on how you can take care of your new loved ones 🙂

1. Find a good vet clinic in the region you live

This is the first place you should visit when you get your new puppy dog. Developing a relationship with the clinic is integral as the vets there will be in a way his/her GPs and personal doctors. They will keep a track record of your dogs health and will be able to assist you with any medical needs.

Make sure that you use your first vet visit to the max. Here are a few questions you can ask them that will help you a long way:

  • What food should I give him/her?
  • How often should we feed it?
  • What portions to give it?
  • When should the next vaccination be?

2. Buy good quality food for your dog

You should select high-quality food for your dog to make sure it grows properly and doesn’t have health problems.  For puppies, there is specialized food and it is also recommended to give small/medium-sized dogs adult dog food when they reach 9-12 months. And for big-sized dogs after they reach 1 year. Again, here is when your vet will also give you valuable information.

3. Water

Always remember to change the fresh water in your puppy’s water bowl at least once a day.

4. Training your dog

Teaching your dog good manners and following commands will create an even greater bond between you.

The most important commands are to sit and come to you. With this training, you will be able to keep him safe outside, depending on what situation arises.

A lot of people enroll their new dogs in dog camps who are specialized in this, so perhaps check your region if there are such facilities that offer that service.