Why to Adopt and NOT to Shop

Why to Adopt and NOT to Shop

If you’re considering introducing a pet into your life, know that it’s an exciting and life-changing decision, but one that shouldn’t be made half-heartedly. There is much to think about. Can you afford to look after an animal? Is your home safe and suitable for a pet? How much time can you devote to your new best friend? Will you buy or adopt a pet?

We can only suggest, but we do hope you understand our reasons for adopting pets instead of buying them! So here are a few useful tips that we want to share with you that can help you consider adopting 🙂

  1. You are saving a life

This may be the biggest reason of all. You’re giving a dog, cat, horse, or another animal, a second chance at life. In their past life, some may have been abused, abandoned, or had to fend for themselves on the streets. By adopting, you are giving the pet a safe and loving home in which it can learn to be happy and healthy again.

  1. You Can’t Buy Happiness, It Comes To You!

The love you receive from animals is unconditional. So whether you purchase a tiny puppy or you rescue an abandoned one, the degrees of love will be the same. With thousands of shelters and so many pets who just want to be cared for, there’s a good chance you’ll find the one that fits into your family just right. After spending time at a shelter, you may also find that the pet you fall in love with is completely different from the one you thought you wanted.

  1. You won’t be supporting backyard breeders

Many dogs are forced to breed as often as possible and kept under cruel conditions in puppy farms. By choosing to adopt, you are avoiding these organisations and supporting animal welfare in the process. Also you help prevent overpopulation. By choosing to adopt rather than go to a shop or breeder for a specific type of pet, you are caring for a dog that already needs support, instead of bringing another puppy into the world. It’s one of the best ways to help ensure all animals can receive the care they deserve.

  1. You get to pick your own companion

Animal shelters and rescue groups are brimming with happy, healthy pets just waiting for someone to take them home. In shops there are only puppies, but in shelters there are dogs of different ages and sizes. Many dogs in shelters are adult dogs, rather than puppies. This means they are likely to already know some basic commands or be housetrained, making your life a lot easier when you bring your dog home.

  1. You are saving more than one life!

While it may seem like you are only saving the dog that you are adopting, you are actually helping others too. Once the place is vacated, another dog can come in its place – until then, the shelter will have more resources for the remaining animals.

And lastly, the personal satisfaction and pride you will feel from knowing you helped save a life will last a lifetime.