Terms and conditions

General information about the website owner under the Consumer Protection Act.

Paw Squadron, owned by both ARTISA GROUP LLC, 99-223****, OAK MOSS, FLORIDA and ARTISA LLC, 93-211****, Wilmington, Delaware, with official patent and trademark, is the creator and the party that is managing this website. By visiting this website www.pawsquadron.com , you agree to all terms of its use, as well as to the relevant protected intellectual property, including any copyrights and trademarks on; as well the services, products, and goods displayed for sale on it.

The use of any material taken from this website, whether for commercial or non-commercial purposes or use, is prohibited and forbidden; as well prohibited is also its copying or distribution in any way to third parties by users and visitors of the website. All material published on our website www.pawsquadron.com is protected by the Copyright Law, including trademarks and other similar symbols and signs published here. Any unregulated use of them will be prosecuted by the Law.

General terms and conditions of use of the website under which we offer various services and products for sale through the website operated by us.

Our website details all the services and products we offer for sale to an unlimited number of consumers under the Contractual Laws against the relevant due document, including their price including VAT, and delivery methods. Their exposure does not bind the user to a purchase.

We are not responsible for the possible temporary or permanent inability of users or visitors to use this website, or for possible negative results of its use, possible lost information located on this website, etc.

Conditions for advertising services and products and their sale.

The services and products advertised on this website come with specifications, warranties, and liability arranged between the website owner and their respective providers (when different than ourselves) manufacturers, or distributors.

Relevant for the purchase of a service or product placed on this website is its price, current at the time of placing the order. The owner of the website has the right to change at its sole discretion and in any way and at any time the published specifications, prices, conditions of purchase and/or request, and any other information on this website.

The above rules also apply to announced offers, promotions, liquidations, etc.

Privacy rules. GDPR

Any user who has visited our website can use it without providing any personal information, with the exception of the provided non-identifying technical data about the use in the respective Internet browser and server log files. The website owner does not intend to collect and does not wish to collect or receive information from the users and visitors of our website, other than that which is declared as required for the purpose of registration and/or order/purchase/request and which falls under the protection of the local Law on the protection of personal data /GDPR/. All this information is confidential and will not be provided or given to any third parties.

Any other information provided, such as comments, opinions, private messages, and the like, will be considered non-confidential and is the responsibility of the person who posted or wrote the relevant text. Any possible information that violates the Bulgarian legislation – for example, that contains insults, defamation, or malicious expressions, will be removed and deleted from the website.

Protection of payment data provided. Method of payment and refund.

For the purchase of a service or a product advertised for sale on our website, respectively for placing an order for its purchase/request, personal data of the respective user may be collected, including the data of his bank card, provided by him voluntarily for the purpose of placing an order, payment and its subsequent execution with the delivery of the purchased services or products to the address specified by the user. The data is processed by a person specially authorized and qualified to carry out this activity, working in the company that owns the website. For the purposes of the transaction, personal data related to the identification and address of the user are provided to the respective postal, delivery, or courier company, which should carry out the delivery to the address provided by the purchaser. After the conclusion of the transaction, the personal data is stored only within the legal terms, after which it is destroyed. Users can at any time request the destruction of their collected personal data.

Delivery. Deadlines.

Any services or products purchased on our website will be delivered in additional concrete agreement to the address specified when making the request. The delivery time depends on the technological time of the respective postal, delivery, or courier company, which is usually up to 10 working days. Payment is made when the order is placed and only paid services or products will be delivered. The delivery amount is stated differently from the purchase amount. Upon receiving requested services, the purchaser has to check their proper performance and confirm if it has been done properly or not. Upon receiving products, the buyer should check the contents of the package.