Paw Squadron

Who We Are

Paw Squadron is an animal rescue organization who wants to make a global difference for stray animals. We put all our resources into helping animals in need, providing food, medicine & shelter and finding them a loving home and family. Get involved and become part of our animal rescue journey today.
About Paw Squadron


It all started in 2021 when three friends sharing the same values and love towards animals sat down and reflected on the global situation of stray animals and decided it was time for change.

An Actual Change

About Paw Squadron The reality is that the number of stray
animals is increasing globally, especially in the Balkan region and nothing effective is done about it.
About Paw Squadron That is why we decided to start a
movement that will raise awareness about to this and with the right support, will be able to tackle the problem of stray animals.
About Paw Squadron The road will not be easy, not short, but with the right decisions and government support - this can be done within the next 10 years.

Our Mission

Paw Squadron is on a mission to drastically change the current situation with stray animals. In our long term plan we will build a network of shelters that provide good living conditions for animals and an interconnected adoption system throughout Europe and the USA